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21st March 2022

Interesting ways on how Blockchain can improve the Education system.

Blockchain is one of the emerging technology that shows promising results based on the applications built on top of it, which has picked up acclaim throughout the most recent couple of years for its official cybersecurity capacities. Various Industries have started to see its use in various businesses. The potential uses for the Blockchain should include incorporating it into the education system

12th May 2021

Developing Skills That Tap Into Our Potential

Preparing for a conference presentation on a warm spring evening, I run through the slides and rehearse. Take this out. Add more here. It's the same old thing we all do, like a blacksmith crafting in their metals. Looking at a slide, I pause for a moment. Eureka. It's not the knowledge we learn, the resources we have available, but the skills we possess that extend our potential. In a split