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Identifying the Main Idea, Key Sentence, and Supporting Details from the Text Listened to

Identifying the main idea of a text, whether it’s a single paragraph or a longer work, can improve our reading comprehension by helping us identify the evidence being used in support of a larger idea or thesis. The main idea or topic of a text is what the text is mostly about and can usually be summarized in 1 to 2 sentences.

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English Grade-4

What you will learn

  • Students will be able to identify main ideas and supporting details
  • Students will be able to find and recount the main ideas and details with new vocabulary using graphic organizers.

Course Content

1 sections • 1 lectures •
identifying key sentences


  • paper,pen,laptop or computer


This lesson is
designed to introduce the learners to find the main idea as a reading comprehension strategy. At this
point, the ability to identify main ideas in the text is a key reading’s comprehension skill.
Likewise, as readers begin to grasp the most important information it may also be difficult for them to
identify it in each paragraph especially when reading complex text.
Furthermore, figuring out the relationships among the main idea, key sentences, and supporting details
is crucial for true reading comprehension. It is also a prerequisite skill in summarizing a text and
understand what an author is trying to say.
But then, this module shall help you so that you will better understand the purpose of the details which
further strengthens their understanding of the main ideas.

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Bachelor Of Secondary Education Major in English