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Identify features of Journalistic Writing

Not too long ago, in the pre-Internet days, people had limited options for accessing the news. Daily news came in the form of newspapers or television news programs, while the less urgent stories could be found in magazines or weekly newspaper supplements. Nowadays, we have instant 24/7 access to any type of news in any format, thanks to the Internet. Yet, while the ways in which people consume the news have changed dramatically, the style and principles that guide journalistic writing have remained largely unchanged.

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Identify features of Journalistic Writing


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Journalism is the act of writing about news related subjects for
all mediums, print or non-print. It is also the complicated process of
taking information and sifting through it, editing information, and

giving it context. The journalist is always involved in the selection and
presentation of what he or she considers to be noteworthy and in
meeting the standard of honesty in reporting.
Journalistic writing is the style of writing used to report news
stories in newspapers, television broadcasts, on radio and on the
Internet. Unlike other styles of writing, which can be flexible and
casual, the characteristics of journalistic writing are easy to spot. For
instance, if you opened a book to a chapter and set it next to a
newspaper article, you would probably notice that, unlike the book,
the article is written in short sentences and paragraphs and quickly
gets to the point.

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About the Instructor

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