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Vowel Diphthongs in Phrases,Sentences and Short Stories

As you explore this module, you will enjoy and learn reading aloud of phrases, sentences, and short stories with vowel diphthongs /oi/, /oy/, /ou/, and /ow/, answering questions about the stories read, and writing a simple friendly letter.

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What you will learn

  • Students will learn to read words containing the diphthongs ow, ou, oi, and oy.
  • Students will learn to write and spell words containing the diphthongs ow, ou, oi, and oy.
  • ntroduce other diphthong words. (See Optional Materials above.) Write the spellings and have students look them up in th...


  • paper, pen, laptop, cellphone, or computer


 They can be used at a center, for homework, morning work, or for the Early Finisher. Children are asked to underline words with the short vowel for each page. Then they will illustrate the short story. Children will then think of and write 2 more words with the short vowel. Finally, they will write a sentence with one of the new words. This would be great for the beginning half of first grade, or it can be use to enrich Kindergarten children or as an intervention with 2nd graders. Thanks so much for downloading. I hope you find this set useful.


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Come and enjoy this course.

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Bachelor Of Secondary Education Major in English